E380 Series Integrated Universal


  • Power range: 1.5 – 400KW
  • Input voltage range: 220V±20%,380V±20%,415V±15% 
  • Removable Dual LED display keypad:Easy for monitorning or copying parameters
  • Adopts modular principles in development: Integrated functional modules for drawbench, textile machine and constant pressure water supply
  • Completely isolated main circuit and independent cooling duct design ensure the lowest failure rate
  • Unique pulse width modulation and adaptive control technology
  • Cooling fan On/Off selectable: Reduce energy consumption of inverter
  • Built-in PID controller with sleep / wake up functions to maintain a constant pressure,flow and oil level
  • Automatic energy saving: Adjust output voltage and slip frequency compensation timely to make motor work at the highest efficiency
  • Automatic voltage regulation: Automatically keep the output voltage stable when input voltage fluctuating
  • RS485 communication supports standard Modbus-RTU protocol
  • Support remote operation up to 1000m distance

Typical Application:

Pumps and fans,Extruder,Automatic production line,Air conditioner,Water supply,Food machine,Blender,Packing machine,Medicine machine,Conveyor,Blowmolding machine,Oil pump,Fountain,etc.